10 Ways to Trim Your Cleaning Budget Today

If you desire a more organized and well-kept home but just don’t have extra funds to make it happen, we have some creative solutions for attaining the low-cost clean home of your dreams. Here are our 10 most creative solutions for trimming and tightening the reigns on your cleaning budget.


1.) Play It Again-Take old clothing and sewing scraps and reuse them as rags and cloths for cleaning projects


2.) Clip Coupons-Always check the Sunday edition of the newspaper and scour sites like coupons.com for great printable cleaning coupons


3.) Hunt for Free Samples-Nothing beats a good freebie. Check sites like Mr. Free Stuff for cool giveaways and coupons (for instance, current promotions include: free Cascade Platinum dishwasher detergent and free Tide pods)


4.) Go Old Fashioned-Line drying your clothes cuts down your energy costs and is a more environmentally friendly way to save money


5.) Play on Pinterest-If you want more natural cleaning solutions that can be made with the items already in your home (baking soda, vinegar, etc.) regularly check Pinterest and Google for homemade cleaning recipes


6.) Clean Fail-If you use a massive amount of liquid dish soap or pounds of fabric softener, you’re likely hurting your budget and aren’t being as efficient as possible with your cleaning routine; make sure to read labels and follow manufacturer directions


7.) Rent or Borrow-Try renting a carpet steam cleaner or sharing an expensive vacuum with a nearby family member


8.) See Spot Run-Clean spots or stains off furnishings and clothing as soon as they appear to prevent the difficulty and cost of eradicating them later


9.) Family Mat(ters)-Have an entrance mat and a ‘no shoe’ policy to prevent your house from becoming riddled with dirt, grass and other outdoor grime


10.) Create a Budget-Chart for a few months about what cleaning supplies you’ve bought, how much you’ve paid and what you’ve actually used; this will help you figure out your true cleaning costs and allow you to see where you can make cuts



11.) Hire Real World Cleaning Services-Hiring a cleaning company can save you the cost and time of trekking to the store for cleaning supplies as well as the work spent on cleaning tasks and projects. We offer a variety of cleaning options fit for any budget. Call Us Today! 740-380-9300


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