3 Effective Methods to Clean and Disinfect Your Cutting Board

3 Effective Methods to Clean and Disinfect Your Cutting Board

Most of us clean our cutting boards like we do any other kitchen tool or dish. What we don’t realize though, is that it may look clean but germs are lurking underneath the surface.  Anytime you cut up raw meat or fish; it leaves germs behind.  If it is just washed and dried, those germs will contaminate any other food that comes into contact with the board. That is not a healthy situation!

Staphylococcus, salmonella and E. coli are a few common forms of bacteria that are known to cause a lot of serious health issues for people and pets, too. So it is essential to keep your cutting board clean and sanitized!  With that said, here are three great ways to ensure that your cutting board (plastic or wooden) is germ-free and safe to use again.


  1. Deep Clean with Baking Soda

Giving your cutting board a deep cleanse every week (at least) is strongly advised. What’s nice, it’s very easy to do! All you need is water, baking soda, and salt. Mix equal parts of all three to make a paste. If it becomes too runny, add a little more baking soda as it is the core ingredient for cleaning. Scrub the paste onto the cutting board and leave it on for five minutes. For plastic boards, use an abrasive kitchen sponge, and for wooden boards, a semi-abrasive sponge is advised. Finish off by rinsing the board with hot water and allowing it dry completely before putting it away.


  1. Disinfect and sanitize with White Vinegar

There are two methods for disinfecting a cutting board with white vinegar:

Using undiluted white vinegar

  • Wash and rinse the board.  You may use regular dish soap for washing plastic cutting boards.
  • Soak a scrubber in white vinegar and wipe the board using enough pressure to allow the vinegar to penetrate the surface.  Remember to use an abrasive scrubber for plastic boards and a semi-abrasive scrubber (that scrubs without scratching) for wooden ones.
  • Leave for 10 minutes before washing the board with dish soap again.


Using white vinegar + baking soda (for sanitizing and deodorizing purposes)

  • Spread a generous amount of baking soda over the board
  • Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle so you  can spritz  the board to wet the baking soda
  • Leave that on it for about five to ten minutes, allowing it to bubble up so it can clean the cutting board.  Those bubbles do the cleansing work.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the board clean
  • Rinse it in cold water.


  1. Kill Bacteria with Hydrogen Peroxide

For a cutting board that hasn’t been cleaned or sanitized since the time, it was first used, it needs to be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide is known for its ability to destroy germs and bacteria.   To kill bacteria efficiently, rinse the board, then use a towel to wipe it, so it is not soaking wet. Next, soak a clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide and wring it; then wipe the cutting board thoroughly for about half a minute. Give the board about five minutes to fully absorb the peroxide. Then wash the board and leave it out to dry completely before you put it away.  Always do this after cutting up raw meat or fish!

If you have a wooden cutting board you may want to check out this article on how to clean and deodorize wood cutting boards.

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