4 Dad-Approved Cleaning Strategies for Commemorating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate our dads for all their contributions and presence in our lives. As we give our dads thanks for cheering us on, protecting and nurturing us, we also realize that dad is often one of the wisest people we know. Dads have many secrets and a magical ability to troubleshoot and solve problems. In this case, it’s prudent to look to dad for cleaning advice and solutions. Here are four dad-approved cleaning strategies to try:


1.) Distraction Avoidance

Dads often focus on one task at a time rather than mindlessly multi-task. If you’re trying to talk on the phone, write an email, finish a set of lunges and clean the refrigerator drawers, it might be too much. Take one task at a time and do it well.


2.) Race Pace

Making anything into a game makes the task more fun. Many dads enjoy sporting events or other competitive activities. If chores have prizes, time limits or other race-like components, cleaning projects will turn into a game and be much more fun.


3.) Pass on Perfectionism

Achieving a goal is often rewarding and uplifting. Rather than focus on making the kitchen absolutely spotless, it’s best to clean with purpose and skip shooting for perfection. For instance, doing the dishes, wiping the countertops and scrubbing the sink gets the kitchen clean without stress and worry. Many dads love completing a task and don’t fret over perfectionism.


4.) Show Off

Many dads love spending time in the backyard or in the garage and take pride in keeping these areas neat and organized. Having pride in the state of your home will encourage effortless cleanliness.
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