5 Inspirational Cleaning and Decluttering Quotes

While many people need an incentive to get motivated, many times an inspirational quote is all it takes to feel renewed energy and excitement. A quote can make you take action, and give you the boost you need to clean and tidy your home. Whether you want to declutter, get organized or do a deep clean, these quotes will help you feel inspired:



  • You Never Know What You Have…Until You Clean Your Room


Whether you find spare change, a long lost collectible or a card or note with meaning, cleaning your living space can help you discover the precious things you’ve lost or misplaced.



  • Clutter is Nothing More than Postponed Decisions


While clutter may seem innocent, in reality, heaps of belongings and tons of toys are just decisions that need to be made. Lots of stacks of stuff show an inability to make decisions and be proactive.



  • The More Things You Own. The More They Own You.


Are you living with lots of clutter and too much of everything? The more you let lots of stuff take over your energy reserves, the more power the stuff will have. It’s important to regularly ‘release’ yourself from too much clutter.



  • Clutter Creates Stress and Stress Creates More Clutter


Clutter feeds on itself. If you can’t find your paper towel roll, you’ll buy another one. If you keep purchasing without purging, you’ll just become more trapped by excess stuff.


5.)     Have Nothing in Your House that You Do Not Know to Be Useful or Believe to Be Beautiful

Everything in your home should have a purpose and should be in use or something you can’t live without. All other items should be discarded to create more simplicity and freedom in your life..

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