5 Simple Cleaning Tips and Tricks

1. Embrace the Power of Baking Soda

A baking soda and water paste will power through oven grime without the use of harsh chemicals.  Plus, this method is much more energy-efficient than running the self-cleaning cycle.  Baking soda is also amazing at cleaning the dishwasher and inside the refrigerator.


2. Window Cleaning Procrastination

Cleaning windows is one task that you actually have an excuse to put off until later. Since direct sunlight can dry the glass too quickly leaving behind streaks and smudges, early evenings are the best time to wash windows.


3. Microfiber

One of my favorite cleaning tools is the microfiber cloth.  These magic cloths have special fibers that are able to pick up dust and germs using without any chemicals.  This saves a ton of money since you just toss them in the washing machine to prepare for their next use.  Not to mention they come in tons of colors so you can color-code your microfiber to each room in your home to keep from cross-contamination.


4. Use what you Have

Just because it’s time to clean doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy specialty tools.  You know that renegade sock that lost its mate in a tragic dryer kidnapping?  Add some water to that sock and wrap it around your hand to easily clean window blinds, or put it on the end of a long handled broom to snag any ceiling cobwebs.  Try wrapping an old pillowcase around ceiling fan blades to clean the dust off without making a giant mess.


5. Magic Erasers

Since these only need plain tap water, they are a chemical-free alternative to conventional cleaners. Magic erasers are perfect when you need to power-through soap scum or remove stains from countertops and walls.


What’s your favorite cleaning tip or trick?


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