5 Simple Ways to Become Less Busy

Nowadays, it’s a badge of honor to be busy. We’ve overloaded our schedules with commitments and we proudly announce our lack of sleep (just six hours!) or our weekend work (Saturday and Sunday!). We are happy to tell relatives and friends of our “insane” work schedules, kids’ athletics or social obligations. The problem with being so busy is that there is no time to delve into what makes us happy and healthy (family vacations, reading and exercise). But overcommitting is not a necessary evil; there is a way to be less busy. Here are five tips for having a freer schedule:


1.) Stop Exalting Busyness

If your neighbor works 70-hour weeks or your sister-in-law hasn’t had time to paint in a year, don’t envy or admire their harried schedules. Stop putting busy on a pedestal.


2.) Too Much

A neighbor friend of mine owns an RV, large boat and sports car. They spend most of their free time cleaning, caring for and managing their vehicle collection. Owning more stuff often entails more labor and less free time.


3.) Find Nooks and Crannies

Locate time in the day for a slow morning cup of coffee or a relaxing bedtime routine with a bubble bath and candles. Finding little pauses in the hubbub of life will restore calm and peace and make life less ‘busy.’


4.) Pick One

Maybe it’s too much for the kids to play soccer, do gymnastics, take piano lessons and manage a social life and schoolwork. Just doing one extracurricular activity might be the ticket to a more well-rested and happier family. Or as an adult, learning to say no to every invite can create more serenity.


5.) Happiness is Not Busyness

A constant stream of activities and obligations doesn’t ensure a life of contentment. Balance is the key to a life of happiness—being busy is not inevitable. Change your schedule, priorities or lifestyle and find ways to be less busy.


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