5 Ways to Keep Your Home Organized with Little Effort

If you and your family create simple cleaning habits, there will never be a time when your home will be a messy lair. Decluttering can seem overwhelming and arduous, but it can actually be a simple undertaking. Here are five easy ways to keep your abode clutter and chaos free:


1.) Lose the Wait

Don’t wait for piles of plates or heaps of clothing to build up. Rinse the dish and put it in the dishwasher now or fold that pair of pants as soon before it hits the floor. Ultimately, staying ahead of clutter will keep the home running smoothly.


2.) Nix the Multitasking

If you tend to wipe down the kitchen cabinets, then vacuum the bedroom and follow it with a trip to the laundry room, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice. Trying to multitask hinders room-by-room organization that can be performed without distractions and more efficiently and quickly than a broad cleaning.


3.) Shorten the Scope

Focus on small tasks rather than big objectives. If you start with organizing the junk drawer, you’ll have the motivation and momentum to tackle greater challenges.


4.) Tune Up

Playing music while working on cleaning tasks will make the cleaning a much more enticing endeavor and make it more fun.


5.) Pass on Perfection

If your home has to be impeccably clean in order for you to feel accomplished, you’ll likely never revel in triumph. The goal is to make things tidy, stay organized and have a cleaning routine, not to make your home a palace of perfection.


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