6 Cleaning Tips for Saving Time and Money in Logan

Cleaning is not a beloved pastime for most people. The act of cleaning is not considered fun or enjoyable but there are a few ways to make cleaning a bit easier on the budget and schedule. Are you wasting time or spending too much money on your cleaning projects? Here are six cleaning tips for saving money and time from our commercial and residential maid service professionals in Logan, Ohio at Real World Cleaning Services:


Cleaning Tips for Saving Time and Money

1.) Products Galore
Many homes are stocked with a huge supply of cleaning solutions, scrubs and stain removers but in reality, there is rarely a need for lots of different cleaners and products. A simple all-purpose cleaner will suffice for most cleaning tasks. Stop buying all those fancy cleaners and save money.

2.) Cleaning DIY
Vinegar and water as well as baking soda are a few natural cleaning agents that can keep a house sparkling. A vinegar and water combo works best on fixtures, floors and surfaces like countertops. Baking soda works great for deodorizing hampers and scrubbing bathtubs.

3.) Skip a Deep Clean
Maintaining a clean home is often a matter of keeping up with daily cleaning tasks. If there’s a spill in the fridge or microwave, rather than leave it for later during a deep clean, it’s best to tackle it right away. Reduce the temptation to ‘save’ cleaning tasks for later as it will make the chores much more intensive and time-consuming. No time to keep up with daily cleaning tasks? Our Ohio-based maid team can help!

4.) Carpet Leftovers
The best cleaning strategy is to leave carpets and floors for the end of a cleaning session. As dust, pet dander and stray dirt often finds its way to the floor during a cleaning stint, it’s best to leave cleaning the floors for the end of the cleaning tasks.

5.) Clutter Catcher
Cleaning is usually a less insurmountable task if there’s a reduction in clutter. Keeping a home neat and orderly, often entails catching clutter before it happens. Try adding hampers to more areas of the home or having additional hooks mounted to the wall for coats and bags.

6.) Worst for First
Is there a cleaning task you dread—like dirty bathrooms? Tackle the worst task first and odds are you’ll feel a greater sense of motivation to complete other cleaning chores.

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