7 Simple Garage Organizing Tips

If you only use your garage for storing your car, consider yourself lucky and you can move on to the next blog.  For those of you who use your garage as a home for tools, kids toys, gardening equipment, and you still manage to fit your car in there, this blog is right up your alley.


Here are seven easy ways to turn your garage into an organized haven of bliss.

High storage spots

Large ladders take up tons of valuable wall space.  Consider attaching sturdy hooks to your ceiling and hanging them up and out of your way.  You can also hand wire shelves so that you can store seasonal items until they are needed.


Use your wall space

When it comes to storing items on your walls, the possibilities are endless.  Wooden shelves and pegboards are some of the more common ideas, but you can personalize these by painting them to make things even tidier.


Bins, baskets, and boxes

Keeping things put away in organized sections means that when its time to look for something you always know where to find it.


Label everything

Using a label maker means that you can see what is inside boxes at a quick glance.  You can also use chalkboard paint on cabinets so that reorganizing is a cinch.


Conceal clutter

There are some items that you need on occasion, but you don’t need sitting out on your workbench on a daily basis.  You can hang a cloth over the bottom of your workbench for just a few dollars.


Work with what you have

If you don’t have a large budget for a garage overhaul, use what you have.  There really is no reason to go out and buy all new organizational tools.  It’s all about repurposing!


Keep things handy

As you organize things, consider storing items close to where you will need them.  Make sections throughout your garage so that you don’t have things scattered from one end to the next.
What’s your favorite garage organizing tip?.

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