8 Budget-Friendly Organizing Hacks to Declutter Your Home

8 Budget-Friendly Organizing Hacks to Declutter Your Home


Having a well-organized home isn’t always an easy task. There are so many things that are needed and used, deciding how and where to put them can be an issue. You need a bit of imagination and creative ideas to get you going! Check these tips out!


Tip #1. Control your unused cords.

Admit it; we all get to the point where we get a little-pissed off when untangling our cords. To avoid this, you can use toilet paper rolls to wrap up each small cord separately and tuck it inside the roll. For larger cords, use that paper towel roll. This will prevent the cords from getting tangled, and it will be easier to remove one when you need it.  As a tip, you could write what the cable is for on the outside tube!

You might not have realized it, but empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes are some of the most useful things found inside your house. They can be used for all sorts of things, from pet toys to seed pots. The best part? You can always get a new one when you need it!


Tip #2. DIY Drawer Organizers.

You can try to create DIY dividers for your storage bins and drawers by cutting up cardboard boxes. Perk is, unlike store-bought dividers, these cut-ups can be customized to suit your style and your needs. Get creative and wrap them up in whatever color you want.

You can use old, unused shoe boxes to serve as dividers for your drawers. Cut the boxes accordingly and tuck them in. Why opt for manufactured dividers when you can make one perfect for you!


Tip #3. Turn your wine rack into a towel holder.

The best way to create a hack is considering all possible uses of a thing. Converting your old wine rack into a towel holder is a genius! Imagine the storage space that you can save with this hack!

And if you want to, you can also place water bottles or those portable coffee mugs in it instead of towels. It’s all about creativity!


Tip #4. Jar-organized supplies.

Another most recycled material that can be found in your house are jars – any kind of them! They are perfect storage for almost everything! You can use baby food jars for small items like safety pins, paper clips, rubber bands, screws, and other things of the same size. You can use canning size jars for bigger stuff like pencils, pens or even craft projects like tissue holders!


Tip #5. Taming grocery bags.

Is your house being taken over by plastic grocery bags? Bring power to your hands to control them by storing them in a tissue box if you have a few bags.  Then recycle those extra ones, some stores have a spot for them to be recycled.

You can also use these plastic bags as liners for smaller garbage cans, taking out litter or other minimal trash needs.


Tip #6. Utilizing file folders.

Now, these file folders that can be bought from container or bookstores were made for that one great purpose–storing. So why not take that purpose to a greater extent?

Adhere them inside of a cabinet door or pantry and be surprised with what you can put inside it! Use the regular hanging files with a part of the side cutout for those slim items in the bags like the seasonings or the tuna fish. For the larger files with the flat bottoms, if you’re a typical homeowner with a lot of reusable grocery bags lying around, you can organize them to fit nicely inside the door.  You can even use those larger folders for things like sandwich bags or those larger rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap or parchment paper.


Tip #7. Organize craft supplies.

If you’re an artsy person, this will be a big help! You know how creativity and craft tend to get a bit out of control sometimes. Organize your supplies by type, i.e., paint, stamps, ribbons, threads, yarn, etc. Then store each in its container using strawberry boxes, peanut butter jars, coffee cans or pretzel barrels.


Tip #8. Use a Picture frame for a fancy Memo Board.

Get in the top of your to-do list with an eye-catching DIY memo board. Use an old window frame and glue fabric or a fancy paper to the back of it.  That creates a nice wipe-off board to hang up in a high traffic spot. Attach the pen to the frame with a matching ribbon to make it more attractive!


These are just some of the thousands of budget-friendly creative ideas you can try to organize your home! On the other hand, if you have the means to hire a personal organizer or a professional maid service, then why not?  

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