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Customer Commitment

Real World Services Company is committed to providing the best service to each and every one our customers. We know that our customer service is the key to our success and your clean home or business. No matter what your need or concern, we have a smiling employing waiting to assist you. Our Quality Control Department is constantly looking at refining our approach to servicing our customers in the most direct and easiest way possible. Below is our 10-step customer commitment plan to understand our simple approach to customer satisfaction.

  1. When you call, we schedule a Free Estimate to visit the job site location to give you the best-priced estimate you deserve.
  2. After an estimator from Real World Services Company has been to the job site location, we will call you to review the estimate and to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Once the estimate is accepted, we will e-mail or fax you a copy of the estimate and all information you supplied to us for you to review.
  4. Real World Services Company will arrive uniformed and equipped to the job site location to begin either our professional lawn care or top-notch cleaning services.
  5. We will be professional and courteous during our visit to your property.
  6. We will enter and exit the job site with security as a top priority.
  7. We will follow Real World Services Company procedures for 100% customer satisfaction.
  8. Within 24 hours of the 1st visit, we will call to confirm your satisfaction.
  9. Our Quality Control Director will perform periodic inspections.
  10. Finally, customer satisfaction surveys are sent to you for your feedback.