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4 Easy Ways to Clean Your Family Room for Winter Nesting

Many families congregate in the family room to watch television, read, converse and play games. While it can be challenging to keep this busy hive of the home clean and sparkling, there are easy tips and tricks to making this area of the home cozy and comfortable for the winter.


Ways to Keep Your Family Room Clean

1.) Move On

While it’s tempting to avoid the process of removing knick knacks from their home and instead letting them have a permanent nook, it’s best to regularly take books, keepsakes and furniture away from their usual spot for a deep dusting. Make sure to clean using a microfiber cloth or a clean makeup or painting brush to reach all the crannies. The upholstery attachment of the vacuum works well to remove all hidden dust and debris.


2.) Freshen Up

Before preparing for a long winter spent indoors watching movies and drinking warm beverages like hot chocolate and tea, it’s best to freshen up all furnishings by vacuuming beneath sofas and under cushions. Add sofa cushions to the dryer on a low heat setting to give them back some bounce.


3.) Streak Free

Nothing will make the winter easier than having clean windows to make outdoor viewing more pleasant. Instead of using paper towels and window cleaner try coffee filters, which will prevent streaking.


4.) Add Fun

While winter doldrums can make anyone into a sour Sally or sad Sam, there’s no reason the colder temperatures and shorter days have to equal less fun. Try adding some new and fun board games to your living room or buy some new art that makes you smile. Winter grumps be gone!

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