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4 Myths about Hiring a Cleaning Service

Are you still cleaning your own house?  Why?  Maybe it’s because you still believe one of these 4 cleaning myths!

Stop the madness!  Here are 4 (busted) myths about hiring a cleaning service!


Myth #4: A stranger in my house?  They will steal all of my awesome stuff!

The truth is, cleaning service owners know that this is a fear of yours, because, well, it’s a fear of theirs too.  Hiring a reputable cleaning service offers a layer of protection for homeowners because they are more likely to perform thorough background checks on each of their employees.


Myth #3: The maid service is coming?  I better clean a little first so they don’t judge me.

As your cleaners make their way around your home, they are more concerned with making things look great than they are with how much dust you have.  It’s their job to clean, so they won’t expect your home to be clean when they get there.


Myth #2: Cleaning services are for rich people.

Maid services aren’t reserved for the elite.  Everyone could use a little help around the house, and they really are affordable.  After your initial clean, recurring monthly cleans with Real World Cleaning Services start as low as $65 per clean!  Pricing will depend on your home’s square footage and frequency of cleans.


Myth #1: Everyone will think I’m lazy.  I should take care of my own home like everyone else!

Brace yourself for this harsh reality.  You know that mom who “has it all together?”  Her kids always have on matching clothes, she doesn’t have bags under her eyes, and her house is impeccable.  (You know the one I’m talking about.)  Well, guess how she does it all…  We clean her house every Thursday.  Hiring someone to help out around the house isn’t something to be ashamed of.  It’s not lazy to ask for help, it’s actually pretty smart!


So, what are you waiting for?  Put down that broom!  It’s time to hire a maid service!

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