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4 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Cleaning

Imagine a world where kids actually wanted to clean.  Nope, it’s not a fantasy; you just have to work a little at it.


Here are 4 helpful tips to get your kids excited about cleaning!


4.  Turn up the jams.  There’s nothing better at getting me in the mood to clean than some upbeat music.  My three year old will help me do pretty much anything as long as we are listening to the Disney Pandora station.  She also gets really excited that I seem to know the words to every song ever made.


3. Try one of these fun cleaning games:


2. Use a chore board.  A chore board is a fun tool that visually shows kids what chores they have each day.  You can buy your own, (We have this Melissa and Doug magnetic chart, and it is amazing!) or you make your own (they have tons of ideas on Pinterest) it really does make a big difference when they have something to keep them accountable.
1. Keep YOUR attitude in check.  Your kids are going to feed off of your energy.  If you hate cleaning you can’t let them see it.  If they know that chores are a, well, chore, you’re never going to get them to want to do them.  Describe cleaning as a positive thing and they will too!.