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5 Tips to Maintain A Clean Home in Athens, OH

So, you’ve hired an Athens, OH maid service.  Congratulations!  You are going to love the way your house looks, smells, and feels after each clean.  I will be honest with you though if you live in a real house with a real family and real kids, your house probably won’t stay that clean forever.  Eventually, you will have to do some straightening up.  The best news is that if you’ve hired your Athens house cleaning service on a recurring basis, you won’t have to worry about the dusting or scrubbing the bathtub.  All you’ll have to do some light straightening and clutter busting. Here are five easy tips to help you maintain a clean home in-between visits from your house cleaning service.


Effective Tips to Maintain a Clean Home


  1.  Create a light duty cleaning routine.

Make a habit of taking 5 or 10 minutes to straighten up your home every night before you go to bed.  Since someone else is handling the toilet scrubbing, all you’ll have to do is pick up stray toys, wash the dinner dishes, and wipe down the countertops.


  1. Make your home easier to clean.

An organized home just feels cleaner.  Create a space for everything in your home.  If something doesn’t have a home, consider if it should be donated to someone who needs it.  


  1. Share the responsibility.

Don’t put everything on your shoulders.  Just because you only have light housework to do doesn’t mean that you have to do it all alone.  Delegate certain nights for your teenagers to handle cleaning the kitchen after dinner and make them responsible for handling their laundry.


  1.  Let go of perfection.

This one is particularly the case when it comes to letting the kids help with the housework.  They probably won’t clean the same as you would, but if they are helping you need to know when to say “thank you” graciously and let it go like Elsa.


  1. If you start to feel overwhelmed, you should try to consider increasing the frequency of your cleaning activity.

If you find yourself cleaning for more than 15 minutes a day, or you notice dust is building up long before you’re due for your next clean, your home may need to be serviced more frequently.  Call your Athens house cleaning service to ask about pricing for additional cleans.  You may not need a full house cleaning, so you can just have them come clean the most-used rooms in your home and alternate back to the entire home on your regular service date.


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