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7 Superb Uses for Toothpaste That You May Not Have Known

It’s funny how you can use a particular product for almost your entire life and never know about the many other beneficial uses it has. In this case, we’re talking about toothpaste!  If people knew that toothpaste could be used in so many different ways, we could guarantee that they wouldn’t just be using it to brush their teeth! Read on to be the first of your friends to find out seven excellent uses for toothpaste around the house!


  1. Did you know you can clean your bathroom sink thoroughly by using a small amount of non-gel toothpaste? Just squirt some on the sink bowl and use a scrubber to spread it around then wipe the sink down. The added advantage is that when you rinse the sink out, the toothpaste deodorizes the drain trap.


  1. You know how the heating plate of your clothes iron gets blackened with dirt over time? Well, merely scrubbing it with detergent and a damp cloth isn’t enough to get it clean. Try this instead; apply toothpaste over the dirty areas (when your iron is cool, of course) and use a clean white cloth to scrub; once the iron is dirt-free, dampen a fresh cloth and wipe the toothpaste away.


  1. You can remove scuff marks from your leather shoes with ease by applying toothpaste over them and using a soft cloth to rub them away gently. To remove the toothpaste residue, wipe the area with a damp cloth. Similarly, the rubber of your sneakers tends to get dirty and discolored rather quickly; this can be whitened with the use of toothpaste. For this, you’ll need an old toothbrush to apply and scrub the edges of those rubber soles until they’re white again. Use a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste after that. Note that it works on all leather shoes, but toothpaste serves better as a cleaner for your white leather footwear!


  1. Not only do foggy headlamps reduce the brightness of car lights, but they also look rather dull. Well, you can get them to shine as if they were brand new by cleaning them with toothpaste. Just squirt some onto a sponge and wipe all over your headlamps before washing it off with water and a clean cloth.


  1. Silver jewelry looks gorgeous until it starts to darken. Surely you’ve got some jewelry and other pieces of silverware that needs some polishing; however, you needn’t go out of your way to buy an expensive polishing agent when you’ve got a brilliant one in your bathroom! Brush some toothpaste onto your silver and leave it overnight. Wipe the pieces of jewelry with a soft cloth the next morning, and your silver will be renewed!  (Please be careful not to use this on other jewelry or stones, it could damage them.)


  1. When your chrome bathroom fixtures get dull, one surefire way to shine them up is with toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste to the surface and spread it with a soft cloth; use the same cloth to polish the chrome, then wipe it with a damp cloth afterward.


  1. When your kids draw works of art on your walls using crayons, the safe and simple way to remove them is by using toothpaste and a soft-bristled scrub brush. Merely apply toothpaste to the wall and gently brush it using a circular motion. Then, wipe the wall with a damp cloth and the crayon marks will have vanished!