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Cleaning Service Guide for Beginners

cleaning service guide

Most of the people of Columbus like to keep things clean. We like to help. And when it comes time to hire an affordable, reliable cleaning service like Real World, these fantastic folks want to know what they’re getting into. Fair enough. It’s the same concern that potential new customers have, too, before they take the plunge and sign up with us.

To address these concerns, we’ve put together a brief beginner’s guide to cleaning services. This cleaning service guide — masquerading as a blog post — will walk you through what to expect from a professional cleaning service with a solid reputation.


Useful and Effective Cleaning Service Guide


There are two primary markets: consumer and commercial. The consumer market composes mostly of household maids, carpet cleaners, floor cleaners, window cleaners, and similar home cleaning services. Commercial services include janitorial services, which have more features than maid services, and industrial-strength versions of the consumer market-type cleaners. Real World Cleaning Services supports both markets.


Low Price

The cleaning industry has not been taken over by high-tech gadgets. A mop and a broom and a lot of elbow grease are still the primary tools of the trade. Maids still use feather dusters, and janitors still push buckets of water. This low-tech approach means low cost. It is time-tested, efficient and effective. Any cleaning which specializes gear offers as a separate service.


Honesty and Trust

Being popular in the local community as a resource is crucial to the success of a cleaning service. Real World sends our professionals into your home or business and they can keep your trust with your property. We vet our employees thoroughly and know them as people first before we employ them to serve you. You can count on our licensed, bonded, and fully insured team members.



Both our consumer and commercial cleaning professionals are trained to do their jobs well and quickly. Commercial workers are often more highly trained and highly skilled, being required to use more advanced equipment and special cleaning solutions for their duties.



We base all of Real World’s pricing on real world quotes. We analyze your particular requirements and match them with our wide variety of services to give you the lowest quote possible for a high-quality result. Factors considered include location, the number of workers needed, supply costs, equipment required, the amount of time necessary to complete the job, and any pre- and post- preparation and wind-down required.



Our people arrive on time and start right into work. They maintain a professional attitude throughout the operation. They stick to business, as you would expect. You can trust Real World to deliver.


Call Us

This brief cleaning service guide for beginners will give you the main pillars of Real World’s professional cleaning service. We’re here to help you, whether you fall into the consumer or commercial market. Your home or business is important to us, as is your business. We wish to maintain our solid reputation in the greater Columbus area, and that means that you get a solid, professional cleaning experience, from beginning to end. Call Real World Cleaning Service now for a free cleaning services quote.