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Your Comprehensive General Cleaning Checklist For Christmas

Your Comprehensive General Cleaning Checklist For Christmas

Hosting a holiday event can mean a lot of different tasks to do. But before you begin buying the things to prepare your delicious holiday meal, you really need to clean the house first. You need to set the priorities to decide what should be done first.  If you do not know where to start, here is a general cleaning checklist to help you.

  1. See what needs to be fixed

Do not start the cleaning tasks yet. You need to make a list, taking inventory of anything that needs to be fixed.  Then prioritize it, so that those that are safety issues are resolved long before your guests arrive. This way the repairs can be completed before you start cleaning.  

If there are busted or broken light bulbs, replace them.  If your entryway has anything that could make your guests trip, fix that — whether it is replacing a broken step,  just smoothing over some rough spots, or fixing that place in your floor that sticks up – those must be repaired before you have guests.  If any of your faucets drip, fix those. After the repairs have been done, you can start cleaning.


  1. Sanitize the bathroom

The bathroom can make quite an impression on your visitors. So if that part of the house is not as clean as it should be, they may think that you have an issue with sanitation. So get busy with your cleaning tools and get rid of those moldy spots. Be sure to properly scrub those bathtub rings or stains on the shower floor. Clean the toilet bowl and sink, shine up the faucets if they are dull with dirt. Empty that wastebasket, too.  Remember that every dirty detail left can be unsightly to the eyes.  

Also remember to check your bathroom supplies, replenishing the toilet paper, hand soap, and kleenex if it is needed.  Then add an air freshener to the room for guests.


  1. Clean the kitchen

The kitchen is where all the food will come from so be sure to clean it so it will be sanitary and safe for any food preparations needed.   Also, don’t forget to bring out those special serving dishes, plates, glasses and silverware for the occasion.  Just make sure they are clean and polished. You can use white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon to do the trick!

If there are quite a few guests coming, consider adding clean garbage bins or trash cans that are labeled for guests to deposit their bottles and cans for store returns, and another for general garbage.


  1. Prepare the living room and family room for guests

Many people use both the living room and their family room for guests. People will congregate in those rooms before and after the holiday meal. So make sure that they are as presentable as possible.  Put coasters on the tables for their drinks.  Also, check the television set and any remotes or game accessories that are nearby to be sure they are working.  You may need to replace batteries in those remotes if they haven’t been used for a while.  

Work from the top down, first remove any cobwebs from the ceiling. Then dust the tables and shelves. Next, vacuum the carpet and furniture if it needs it,  or sweep and mop the floor. Finally, add your holiday decor to the room, perhaps even replacing things like the couch pillows and throw covers.  Then a few hours before the guests arrive, put out those dishes with snacks like chips or nuts for them.


  1. Prepare the dining area

Since this is where the holiday meal(s) will take place so make sure to get everything done as early as possible.  Set up the seating, put out any extra tables that may be needed such as a small table for the children.  Set the tables up the night before the guests are scheduled to arrive, so that this is done ahead of time, freeing you from those last minute tasks.   Add holiday decor to make the table or buffet as festive as possible.


  1. Don’t forget the outside of the house

Just because the guests will be inside the house,  doesn’t mean that you can forget the exterior of your home.    Check the walkway to be sure it is free from any debris and safe for walking.  Do your outside lights work?  Guests need to have those lights on if it is dark when they are coming or leaving your home.


Do these things and you will certainly have a wonderful time this holiday season, and your guests will be impressed. We, at Real World Cleaning, wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!