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Effective Home Dusting Steps for Your Home

Effective Home Dusting Steps for Your Home

Walk into a room and look around. Did you find dust on every surface? From your window panes and ceiling corners. To your furniture and floors. There’s just no escaping dust, only cleaning it!

Dusting may be one of the most frustrating chores because 1) it’s everywhere and 2) it comes back too quickly! But of course, there are a couple tips and tricks that can make dusting quicker and more efficient. Not to mention keeping surfaces dust-free for longer periods.

Intriguing, huh? Let’s get right to it and prove ourselves!


  1. Stock up on Microfiber Cloths!

When we say stock up, we mean it! That’s because you can use microfiber cloths for all kinds of home surfaces. They are very efficient on each of them!

Dust clings to the microfiber cloths because of the electrostatic charge they have.

Meaning, you aren’t just dusting dust for it to come back or settle on other surfaces, you are picking it up. Dusting has never been quicker or more efficient!


  1. Hold on to Used Dryer Sheets

No, we’re not going to tell you to reuse them. But instead making it your new dusting aids! That’s right; used dryer sheets are effective in wiping digital screens and keeping dust at bay.

Use a fabric softener sheet to decrease the amount of static electricity on the screen. Through this, dust will be repelled from the surface for a couple of days at least!

Tip: make sure that the sheets are completely dry before using them and always be gentle when wiping screens.


  1. Damp Gloves + Holding Knickknacks = Dusted!

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s simple! Buy a pair of fabric gloves and dampen them a bit. You may have an old pair lying in the back of your closet. Next, pick up a knickknack/showpiece and roll your hand over it to remove dust. It’s quick, easy and, more importantly, useful!


  1. Paint Brushes for Corners and Crevices

Those nooks and crannies and corners can be pains to clean. You spend far too much time on trying to remove dust from those difficult areas, and you end up failing most of the time.

Paint brushes (of various sizes) can help in getting the job done fast and efficient. Wall paint brushes are effective in cleaning corners and door frames while art brushes are perfect for dusting crevices.


  1. No More Dulled Glass Surfaces

Dust does dull glass surfaces and ornaments. What’s worse, it can even stain your glass if left for too long. Well, we’ve got the perfect way to get your glass glistening again!

Put on fabric gloves and wipe away the dust first. Next, soak and wring one of the gloves in window cleaner. After that, wipe the glass using quick, circular motions.


It only takes a couple of seconds but the results are long lasting!