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Ways to Say Goodbye to Grimy, Disgusting Tile Grout

tile grout

Perhaps, one the dirtiest and most and disgusting areas in your home that needs frequent cleaning are tile grout. No matter how regularly you clean it, the dirt and grime keep coming back! Of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because you use your bathroom daily; yes, that’s just our subtle way of telling you that you need to clean your bathroom everyday! Especially if you want your tile grout to remain grime-free, daily cleaning of the floors is a must.

Now, let’s get down to trade; if you’ve overlooked grout cleaning for too long, those crevices are going to be filled with a mixture of dirt, grime, and soap scum. Depending on the duration between now and your last clean, there are three surefire ways to make your tile grout will look brand new again! Read on to find out how.


Effective Ways to Clean a Tile Grout


  1. Regular Cleaning with Vinegar

If you’ve been cleaning your tile grout promptly, minimal scrubbing with a little vinegar is more than enough to reveal its clean, original color. Yes, vinegar is an excellent cleaner for various household areas, so we suggest you do away with those store-bought chemical cleaners! Just dilute some vinegar in a spray can (1 part vinegar, four parts water) and douse the crevices generously. Now, grab a bathroom brush and start cleaning between your bathroom tiles. After scrubbing away the dirt and grime, splash the holes with water to rinse them out.


  1. For Cleaner, Whiter Tile Grout

Tile grout gets discolored over time if not cleaned and maintained for long periods. But fear not because we have a great, natural solution to make your dirty, discolored tile grout clean and white again! Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar in an old basin (one in which you can dip your bathroom brush). Then, brush the tile grout thoroughly and leave the paste to sit for about fifteen minutes. Rinse the floor with water and brush as you go to get the paste out of the crevices. Finish off by making a solution of concentrated lemon juice and water, and pour it over any stains or discoloration. Allow the acidic content in the lemon juice to work its magic for about twenty minutes and rinse it off. Your tile grout is sure to turn a few shades lighter!


  1. Deep Cleaning

Tile grout that hasn’t been cleaned in over a year calls for deep cleaning. This requires a lot more time, effort and attention to detail. So, be prepared to get on your hands and knees for this one! Using hydrogen peroxide and water (equal parts), and an old toothbrush to scrub, your tile grout will resemble as good as new by the end of it! Simply spray on the cleaner and leave it for fifteen minutes; then brush the grout clean before rinsing it off with splashes of water.


  1. The Extra Mile for Extra White!

If you’re willing to go one step ahead for extra white tile grouts, here’s what you need to do; cover your tile grout with white shoe polish using an old toothbrush or shoe brush. Leave it overnight and wipe off the excess polish from your tiles with a damp cloth. The longer you leave the polish on, better are its chances of filling up crevices in the tile grout and staying there.