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How to Clean Any Bedroom or Living Area in 5 Speedy Steps

Hands down, the fastest way to a clean home is to hire an Upper Arlington maid service. If you haven’t taken the first step toward getting some help, you’re probably looking for ways to have a clean home without using up all of your free time. What if I told you that it didn’t have to take you all day to clean your bedroom or living room? (Yes, really!)

Here are 5 steps to help you speed clean any bedroom or living area.

Step 1: Get in the cleaning mindset
Seriously, this is a step. With Facebook and email notifications popping up on our phones, we are a distracted bunch. Focus on the task at hand by putting your cell phone on vibrate, switching off the television, and pumping up some jams. Think of some upbeat music that will get you moving and dancing along as you clean. (Fast music will also boost your mood to cover up the fact that you’d rather be doing anything else besides cleaning.)

Step 2: Ditch what doesn’t belong.
Grab a trash bag and two laundry baskets to quickly collect things that don’t belong in the room. Use one laundry basket to toss in dishes or other things that belong in a different room, and one basket to haul any actual laundry.

Step 3: Dust everything, and straighten what’s out of place
Dust ceiling fans and high areas around the room. Then, start to the right of the door and work in a circle, dusting all surfaces and straightening items such as decorations and knick-knacks. Make conscious movements around the room so you don’t waste time backtracking.

Step 4: Make the bed or fluff the couch pillows.
You’d be surprised how put-together a room can look once the bed is made or the couch cushions are straightened.

Step 5: Clean the floors.
Vacuum the carpet or sweep and mop. If you have hard floors, use a microfiber flat mop across the floor to grab any debris or pet hair that you may have missed the first pass.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy your clean room! The great thing about these 5 steps is that you can adapt them to work for anyone’s room, including kids’ bedrooms!

All tuckered out from cleaning? Let an Upper Arlington, maid service handle the rest of your house for you! Give Real World Services a call to schedule a clean today! (740) 380-9300

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