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How to Clean your Outdoor Windows in 10 Simple Steps

Before the cooler weather really sets in, let’s take care of some of those outdoor chores.  First up… Windows! Here’s how to clean the outside of your windows in 10 simple steps!


Simple Steps to Clean Outdoor Windows

Step 1: Gather your garden hose with a high-pressure sprayer and fill a bucket with water and a few drops of liquid dish detergent.  


Step 2: Since the outsides of your windows generally have more dirt and debris on them, start off with a quick rinse with a water hose.  


Step 3: Once the windows are damp, gently scrub them with a mop or cool cloth dipped in your soapy bucket of water.  


Step 4: Rinse the windows thoroughly.


Step 5: Dry the windows using a clean squeegee with a rubber blade.  Work from top to bottom and wipe the squeegee with a dry towel after each pass.  If any water remains after this process, use a clean lint-free towel or a newspaper to dry the windows.  


Step 6: If there are any stubborn stains left behind, you can saturate a newspaper with vinegar and water and let it sit for a few minutes to loosen the debris.  Then, use a soft cloth to remove any remnants.  


Step 7: Remove all of the screens from the windows.  


Step 8: Rinse the screens with plain water; spray with a vinegar/water solution, and then rinse the screens thoroughly with plain water.  


Step 9: Leave the screens in the sun for a few hours until completely dry, and then replace them.  


Step 10: Head inside.  You can actually use the same techniques to clean the windows inside your home.  (Minus the water hose of course.)  


It is best to clean windows on a cloudy day, when the sun isn’t beating down on the glass.  Direct sun exposure can cause the glass to dry too quickly, causing streaks to form.  


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