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How to Ditch Allergy-Irritants in Every Room in Your Home

Are you still looking for a reason to hire a professional house cleaning service in Logan?  Did you know that allergy-irritants are hiding in every single room of your home?   (Sounds like reason enough to me!)

Here’s a quick run-through of the rooms in your home, and how to ditch the irritants lurking there.


Spaces in Your Home that Needs to Eliminate Allergy-Irritants


If you open your windows on beautiful sunny days, and your dog sleeps with you, you are just compiling irritants on top of irritants.


Keep your bedroom window closed, remove rugs, minimize fabrics such as extra pillows and drapery, and invest in a bed for Fido to keep him out of yours.  Also make sure you vacuum and flip your mattress regularly to keep things fresh.


Living Room

Reduce humidity by running the air conditioner regularly, but don’t forget to change your air filters monthly.  Central AC units have a filtration system that picks up known allergens such as dust, dander, and mold spores.  Regularly wipe down window sills and furniture, and keep your floors vacuumed.



The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so it is likely wiped down fairly regularly.  However, don’t forget about those areas that aren’t used daily such as under the sink, above door frames, and at the back of the pantry.  (Eek.)



Moisture is a large contributor of bathroom allergy-irritants.  Use a squeegee and dry microfiber to keep moisture away after a shower.  You can also let the fan run for three to five minutes to ditch moisture from the air.



Between old shoes covered in dirt and pollen and dusty boxes, your closet is a certain source of your seasonal sneezes.  Clean unused or unwanted items out of your closet, and make sure the floor is cleared of any clutter to keep dust at bay.


Laundry Room

Much like the bathroom, moisture is your enemy in the laundry room.  Make sure your laundry room has a ventilation fan to decrease humidity and moisture, and clean the laundry room regularly to reduce dryer dust buildup.


When it comes to ditching the allergy-irritants, you really should call in the professionals at one of the top maid services in Logan.  CLICK HERE for a free quote from Real World Services!

Do you suffer from allergies?  What’s the worst room in your house as far as allergy-irritants?  Leave us a comment to let us know!