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How to Maintain A Clean Home When You Have a House Guest

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There are many things to keep in mind when accommodating a house guest for a couple of days. Your priority is to maintain the guest as comfortable as possible while making them feel right at home. On the other hand, you have to worry about keeping things clean and in order because, of course, you want to play the perfect host and make a good impression!

Depending on whom your house guest is, tailoring to their needs or likes/dislikes may be easy or take a bit of an effort. After all, every individual is unique and run’s their home differently. But as far as cleaning goes, you’re going to have to make some adjustments and probably pull up your socks to keep the house in tiptop condition. Here are some great ideas to do just that!


How to Maintain Your Home with House Guest


  1. Learn their Daily Routine

We all have our morning routines, different eating habits, etc. So on day one, observe their habits and routines and based on that, plan out how you’re going to go about cleaning. If you have kids or help to carry out household chores, it won’t be hard to make adjustments in your schedule or routines.


  1. Carry Out Daily Surface Cleaning

We often neglect dusting tables, shelves, and other surfaces until the dust becomes very visible. Well, we suggest you dust surfaces daily using a damp microfiber cloth to pick up the dust quickly and efficiently. This can be done in the morning before your guest wakes up or is ready for breakfast. What’s more, if you dust furniture on a daily basis, there won’t be much dust to do clean up.


  1. A Quick Brushing for Bathroom Floors

Of course, you’ll have to wash your guest bathroom on a daily basis or as and when needed to ensure that it is clean and sanitary every day. However, the floors are what you need to pay close attention to at least twice a day. This is because they get stained and dirty fairly easy with people walking in and out, especially if there’s water splashed on the floor. Here’s our suggestion to counter this problem; make a solution of floor cleaner and water in a spray bottle and keep a long-handled brush nearby. If you see any mark on the floor, simply spray a small amount of the solution over it (just enough dampen the stain) and brush it away.  This way, you’ll be able to maintain a clean floor throughout the day!


  1. Cleaning the Guest Room

This one’s tricky; you have to pick a time when they aren’t in the room while respecting their belongings and the way the guests themselves have maintained the room. Nevertheless, the house cleaning basics must be done, i.e. dusting, vacuuming and mopping (if you don’t have carpeted floors). It’s best to inform your guest that you’re going to clean the room and consult with them before moving around any of their belongings. Pick a time to clean the room when your guest is spending time with other household members or perhaps, watching television so that you don’t have to clean in haste.