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Keep Your Kids Room a Clutter Free Zone

Kids’ bedrooms can quickly become a magnet for clutter.  It’s important to teach your kids the importance of keeping a clutter-free room by offering them advice and solutions to keep clutter from taking over.


Here are some quick tips to keep your kids rooms from becoming a pit of cluttered despair.



Practice quality over quantity when it comes to birthdays and holidays.

Use a registry such as an Amazon wish list to keep track of items that your child actually needs.  This way, when family asks what they can get your child for holidays and birthdays you have a list ready to go instead of them just ending up with more toys.


Make it easy for kids to put their toys away by designating areas for everything.  Everything should have a home, and if it doesn’t have a home, you should consider whether it belongs in the room or should be donated.



Make sure that closets and dressers are cleaned out seasonally. This is important to clear out items that won’t be needed for the season’s weather, but also to ditch or donate clothes that don’t fit anymore, but are just taking up space.


You can actually take care of a lot of this by paying attention as you are folding clothes.  If the item looked a little snug when you saw your child wearing it, go ahead and toss it into the donate pile.



Between homework, school supplies, and science projects, each child really needs some space to work.  Make a section of their room into a designated school area with a desk and tons of storage to keep everything in its place.


Hang hooks by the front door and make sure that after homework is finished backpacks are hung up in a row.  That way, you can see at a glance who has finished their schoolwork and who hasn’t.  Plus, this makes mornings run more smoothly since no one will be scrambling around in the morning looking for things.


What’s your secret to keeping your kids’ rooms clutter free?  Leave us a comment to let us know!