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Six Quick Safe Shoveling Tips

A frequent cause of trips to the chiropractor, shoveling snow is inescapable winter task. From the driveway to the sidewalks, snow must be scraped into piles and moved away from common areas. Even as the weather starts to warm, early spring storms can bring more flurries and additional shoveling. But with all the needed snow removal, how can you prevent back strain and pain? Here are top six tips for shoveling safely.


  1. Drinking a lot of caffeine, eating or smoking prior to a shoveling session can be a stimulant that can raise heart rate and cause dangerous blood vessel constriction. Avoid consuming too many stimulants prior to shoveling.


  1. Water is a must. Take frequent shoveling breaks, especially if you feel winded, weak or dizzy.


  1. Spread salts in the area where you intend to shovel for foot traction and always wear snow boots with slip resistance.


  1. Wear lots of clothing layers and be sure to protect extremities with hats, gloves and a scarf. Always wear clothing that allows for full visibility.


  1. Choose an ergonomically correct shovel—one with a curved handle and try and find a plastic blade, as it will add less weight to heavy snow heaps. Find a shovel, which is efficient at pushing and moving snow rather than requiring all lifting.


  1. Never throw snow over your back and try and clear freshly fallen snow as soon as possible.

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