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The Ultimate Guide To Optimize Your Bedroom Space

Bedroom Space

Within each room of your house, there always is a better way to optimize the space you have.  However, for rooms like the bedroom, where the most noticeable piece of furniture is the bed, it is not a simple task! The bed is not always a simple obstacle to work around. Therefore valuable space is wasted.  Here are ten ways from the Cleaning Tribe on how to maximize the space in a small bedroom.

The Ultimate Guide To Optimize Your Bedroom Space

Create the illusion of a big space with the use mirrors. It is a well-known method that works every time. It is ideal for smaller bedrooms. A mirrored wall will visually double the bedroom space. Additionally, there is no rule says you cannot push furniture up to a window.

A bed tucked neatly at the end of this small room, rather than blocking the center of the bedroom. Vertical Venetian blinds have been made to measure for privacy and to block daylight, and the window offers great reading light in the mornings.

Keep window treatments to a minimum, as to make the most of the natural light. Moreover, it keeps the look of your unfussy. Now, for privacy, you can add plain roller blinds, or hang flat panels of lace or voile.

If your tiny bedroom has a balcony or porch, Incorporate it into your overall bedroom design. Any outside space connected to your small bedroom will create the illusion of one larger room. Additionally, it can also be a significant part of your room too. The possibilities of how to use it are vast; you can experiment with it.

Let us face it; we would all love to have a California King sized bed, but do we require one?  You can answer that one yourself. To optimize your bedroom space, be willing to reduce the size of your bed. It not only free floor space, but it will also allow you to give you more options to furnish it.

If you are not keen to the idea of decreasing the size of your bed, why not use a Murphy bed instead. Murphy Beds are those you can pull out from your bedroom wall. It allows you the full access to your bedroom floor when you the bed hidden in the wall.  Modern Murphy beds, on the other hand, when closed inside the wall, can also house a fold-out desk on the other side as well!

Clothes dressers and cabinets eat a huge lot of bedroom space.  Consider utilizing storage container that can hold clothes and belongings that you can roll under your bed. It will give your bedroom more movement area and is visually look more spacious. Moreover, once you removed your large storage furniture, more natural light will pour into your bedroom

Nowadays, especially in a small bedroom, multifunctional furniture is a big help in maximizing your bedroom space. By having pieces of furniture that have several functionalities, you save space exponentially. Imagine a bed that you can turn into a couch and a bedside table that transforms to a study desk. Having such pieces of furniture allows forgoing the need to get more stuff in your room.

Many are guilty of having messy and unkempt closets.  We all have our own and personal way of organizing stuff.  Some keep them by the number, textbook accurate-style, while some organize their stuff amidst the chaos.

Whatever your organization style, to maximize your bedroom, you also need to maximize your storage space as well. To better utilize your storage closets, we recommend using all vertical space efficiently. The more you can store in your cabinets, the less that has to be kept in the main bedroom space.

Utilize open and closed shelving to separate bookshelves and storage fittings units off of the floor and onto the walls. Choose wall hanging mirrors over large mirror stands that occupy floor space. Another space-saving option is putting containers on your walls to put materials and knick-knacks.

Do you have your television, stereo, gaming system, and the like inside your room? Well, those electronics take up valuable real estate in your bedroom. You should consider migrating it to another room such as the family or living room. Now, if you cannot survive without your daily fix of television, get flat screen mounted on the wall. It will instantly add space to your bedroom.