#Carpet Care101 – How To Protect it from Festive Christmas Trees

#Carpet Care101 - How To Protect it from Festive Christmas Trees

There’s nothing more festive than putting up a real Christmas tree to bring in the holiday spirit and smell into your home. For most families, it already is a tradition to decorate the tree together, with each person taking on a decorating task. It marks the actual arrival of Christmas into the house.

Although the tree brings in joy and excitement,  it can be a handful to keep tidy, and it could eventually damage your carpet. Whether it’s a natural evergreen or a fake one, your tree can still leave a lot of mess on your flooring that requires frequent cleaning.  Even those fake trees lose some of their needles every time they are put up!

Choosing your tree is a fun experience. It’s easy to get caught up at the moment, but remember to take preventive measures so you won’t have a mess in your hands later on. Before you remove it from its netting or (if it is a fake tree) bag, put a tarp down. The tarp will catch falling needles and sap before it gets to your carpet and ruins it. Some people use the plastic bag that is made to dispose of your real tree for that purpose. Tree fluid particularly is challenging to remove and will require a professional cleaning service to be thoroughly cleaned up. You can add a large blanket, sheet or tree skirt to cover the bottom of the tree later.


Here are some important factors you should take note to prevent damaging your carpet:

  • Position

Will there be constant brushing as people will pass by?  IF so that could cause the needles to fall quicker, which also mean your continuous sweeping or vacuuming!


  • Measure

You need to decide on how high and how tall and how wide you want your tree to be and take a tape measure with you when shopping for it so it will fit your measurements.  Remember that the bigger the tree, the more mess it could be.


  • Type of tree

There are various kinds of trees available, and some are better at retaining their needles than others. For your carpet’s sake, you might want to get one of those.  Of course, if it is one that you cut down, it will hold its needles longer than one that is already cut.  Just remember to cut the bottom of the tree trunk before putting it on the tree stand if you buy one that is already cut.


  • Fresh is best

Check your tree for freshness, if it is one that is already cut.  Make sure that the needles are not brittle, and that the outer needles do not fall off when you gently shake it.


  • General carpet protection

Placing a large tarp, blanket, or plastic sheeting under the tree stand will protect your carpet from accidental water spills or weight marks. Plus, it will make it easier for you to clean when you remove the tree.  


Tips to protect your carpet from the following:


Needles dropping

Same as with cut flowers, cut trees also need watering. If your tree dries out, it will lose its needles quickly. You can use a tree stand with a water dish to hold the water.  Placing it won’t prevent the needles from dropping entirely but will reduce the amount. You will need to check the water level every day, though.  Some places sell additives to help your tree stay green longer.  Also, heat can affect your tree and can make it dry faster, so place it away from any heat source.

Having a large old throw-away sheet spread out from around your tree to catch needles is a smart idea.  Then you can wrap up any needles that are still around when you take down your tree and toss that sheet out at the same time.


Water spills

If you should spill your water when pouring it into the tree stand or overfill the stand, your carpet can be severely damaged. Make sure that the floor is protected with something that is waterproof, whether it’s a large tray or a plastic runner for carpet protection, or a waterproof floor mat.  


Stand staining

Once the stand becomes wet, it may transfer its coloring onto the carpet.  As with above, place some protection underneath, it can be a scrap carpet that you don’t mind getting stained.


Tree sap

Tree sap staining your carpet is a very sticky situation. Using a clean, un-dyed cloth, dab the alcohol onto the area to harden the sap, making it possible to scrape away. You can use other home ingredients to clean up the sap like mayonnaise and peanut butter. Worse comes to worst; you may need the help of a professional like NW Maids Seattle to remove it from your carpet.

A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree makes everything seem so worthwhile.  The wonderful pine smell and twinkling lights add to the holiday joy.  But when the season’s ending it hurts to say goodbye to the tree and hello to the mess it made to your carpet!.  So don’t forget to use these tips to celebrate Christmas with a festive tree and a mess-free carpet!


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