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Commercial Cleaning

Are you in need of a professional commercial cleaning company that won’t charge you and arm and a leg? Real World Services Company is your answer to all your commercial cleaning needs. Real World Services Company provides commercial cleaning for Fairfield, Hocking, Vinton and Athens Counties in Ohio. Before we clean your office or commercial building, we will personally meet with you to provide a free estimate. We will do a walk through of your office to make sure you get an accurate estimate that specifically meets all your business’s cleaning needs!!

Wash Entrance Glass

  • Dust Open Areas
  • Wash Interior Windows
  • Dust Ledges
  • Wipe & Sanitize Phones
  • Dust Office Equipment
  • Dust Clocks, Pictures & Other Wall Displays
  • Dust Air Vents, Lights & Corners
  • Wash Sills, Blinds & Baseboards
  • Wash Switch Plates & Doors
  • Clear Cobwebs
  • Dust Ceiling Fans
  • Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
  • Empty Trash Cans Cans Cans
  • Floors


    Kitchen/Break Areas