Curb a Dirty Dish Takeover in Logan!

Everyone knows that one of the most challenging aspects of keeping a home tidy is dealing with the kitchen. With a constant stream of new activity, cooking and eating, the kitchen can go from clean and pristine to dirty and dingy overnight. Here are some simple tips to keep the kitchen orderly even when there’s a dinner party, birthday party or cooking explosion:

How to Keep Your Dirty Dish Clean and Orderly

*Teach Dishwasher Etiquette

Teach every family member in the house the importance of rinsing and plopping dishes into the dishwasher as soon as they’re finished eating and the kitchen will stay clean much longer than if dishes are left in the sink or on the counter.


*Ditch Dish Distress

Immediately after or even during a party, start loading the dishwasher. Make a point to start to conquer the dishes by being armed with an empty dishwasher at the outset.


*Cycle Glasses

Designate one glass for each family member and have him or her use that specific glass constantly. After juice in the morning, simple rinse with water and have them reuse again at night for milk or lemonade. No more needing to wash a million glasses or clog the dishwasher with a bunch of drinkware.


*Hire Help

Keeping a kitchen clean is a formidable task. From wiping down the refrigerator to tackling dirty floors and cruddy countertops, sometimes the best solution is to invite help into your home and subtract stress from your life. Real World Cleaning Services in Logan, Ohio can help you stop those dirty dishes from sabotaging your cleaning efforts. Our maid team can eradicate dirt and dust in kitchens, bedrooms, offices and basements. Give us a call today or contact us for a free cleaning quote!

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