Discover More About Your Personality Based on the Coffee You Drink!

Discover More About Your Personality Based on the Coffee You Drink!

Did your mood lighten up with just that thought?  Sure, almost everyone loves a cup of coffee. It’s the go-to option when we want to get our blood moving and feel energized, and also when we want to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment without falling asleep.

So, we grab a cup of joe anytime we feel like it, for any reason whatsoever.

If you are a certified coffee lover, chances are you may have tried each kind there is. But you must admit; you still have your favorite–the automatic pick everytime you decide to drink one. You might think that it’s just a matter of going for what you like, right?

Hmm. Not, really.

Did you know that there’s more to the story than having favorites? A clinical psychologist named Dr. Ramani Durvasula had conducted a study about the relationship between common coffee personality types and coffee preferences. It means choosing that particular kind of coffee is no accident. You made that choice for a reason–being you!

Now let’s pop in that question…


What does your coffee say about you?


The Black Coffee Drinker

You like to keep everything simple–a trait admired by most people around you. You don’t need anything fancy or luxurious to dress up. You prefer to use a more straightforward style in fashion, just like who you are as a person.

You are leaning towards the quiet side, and you may be a bit moody. You are also found to be patient but resistant to changes. Nonetheless, your minimalist coffee is perfect for your minimalist personality.  With your morning cup of black coffee in your hand, you’re ready to take on the day chaos-free!


The Espresso  Getter

Being obsessed with espresso, you are a goal-getter–a natural born leader! You like to keep busy and frequently seem to be in a hurry. Therefore you like your coffee strong and on-the-go. You have each situation sorted out so you know just how to get things done.

You can be a bit moody and broody, but that doesn’t stop you from getting the things you want and achieving your goals. You are an inspiration to others because they know they can count on you to get the job done right.

Your daily shot of espresso helps to make you the leader of the pack, just remember to take it slowly or you could burn out.


The Latte Lover

A latte lover is deemed to be an easy-goer who often has problems making decisions. Being more laid back in nature, you prefer to be part of the team, rather than be the one calling the shots.

You are fun to be with,  and you find it easy to schedule time for your friends and family.  You also spend a lot of your time just reflecting on your life.

Your morning latte drink is more than enough to give you comfort throughout the day!


The Cappuccino Consumer

If your personal choice of coffee is a cappuccino, then you feel like you want to be in control. You often opt for perfection, but you are highly motivated and very creative in everything you do. Although you are a bit obsessive in wanting control, you also value honesty as much.

Cappuccino, being one of the classiest beverages, is associated with sophisticated individuals. You’ve got no time to make crass jokes, and you tend to get bored easily. However, you are loyal to friends and family with a very active social life.

Let your cup of cappuccino start your day for creativity and style!


The Frappuccino Fan

You, my friend, are a trendsetter. Your life mantra is YOLO (You Only Live Once), and you are a huge fan of spontaneity. You have a thing for adventures and just let the day flow without planning every detail.

Courageous might be your middle name because you’re willing to try anything at least once, as long as the opportunity arrives. You don’t need too much caffeine in your system because when it comes to energy levels, yours is naturally high!.

That’s why instead of more coffee, you just let your drink satisfy your sweet cravings!


If you love Instant Coffee  

If you’re into instant coffee, then you are the laid-back, composed type of person. You usually are a fan of procrastination and have fewer worries of what tomorrow has for you. You would always choose to enjoy the moment than getting lost in the process of planning.

You take life as it is, and go after things in an instant!


Sipping your favorite coffee in the comfort of your soft couch while reading a book is probably the best way to relax–for coffee lovers, at least. Just don’t spill it on the carpet because it can cause quite a stain. But, no worries, you can have the professionals to fix the job!

Aside from that scene, a cup of joe goes along in any situation and what makes it more exciting after reading this blog, is knowing that your coffee will not just be a drink, it is how you take your coffee says about your mental state.

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