Great Mess-free Recipes To Try at Home

We all have been there. Swamped with work and there is little to no time left to come up with a hearty meal. It is a real challenge. However, to ensure that you get your work done, and still have something wonderful ready for the family, here are a few recipes we recommend for you to try. Each recipe found below features easy-to-find ingredients that go into one pot for easy cleanup and requires the most minimal of preparation. Furthermore, each one of the recipes below is delicious enough to deserve a permanent spot in your recipe rotation. Maid Near Me Chicago has made sure to complete the finest and easy to serve meals for your family.

Mess-free Recipe #1: Beef and Shallot Stew

If time is not on your side, but fancy the idea of a slow-cooked, meaty stew, then this recipe is for you. Not only is it easy-to-prepare, but the hardest thing about it is also browning the beef and peeling the shallots. Both steps take nearly no time or effort to accomplish. Amp up the dish’s flavor by adding some mushrooms and garlic to the mix. Additionally,  try to switch the thyme for some rosemary, and you are sure to get some amazing results. Let stew cook low and slow in the oven, while you go ahead and tackle other stuff.

Mess-free Recipe #2: Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Cast your iron pans and heat up your stoves, cooks! You will surely love the delicious combination of salty, savory and sweet tastes that this dish has to give as it goes from full sear to oven-baked juiciness perfection. Do you want to know why you should give it a try? It is because anything bacon-wrapped is worth a try. Additionally,  try spreading a generous, thick layer of apricot jam or chutney onto the pork halfway through the roasting process. You are welcome.

Mess-free Recipe #3: Slow Cooker Pizza Casserole

Okay, you do have to boil the noodles in a separate pot. However,  everything else about cooking this dish is nothing but opening cans and mixing it all together. This simple family-friendly recipe is the ultimate comfort food. Whether you are entertaining the neighborhood, or just hoping for some next-day leftovers, it is the ideal dish to cook. Do feel free to dress it up as your favorite pizza, and include your favorite pizza toppings.

Mess-free Recipe #4: One Pot Pasta With Spinach and Tomatoes

Chop some onions. That is it! It is pretty much the only prep work you need to do for this incredibly simple yet inhumanely delicious meal. It will not only have people requesting for thirds, but it will also have folks fighting for the last morsel. The original recipe is vegetarian. However, you do have the option add chicken thighs or ground beef for a heartier and meatier finish. Some hefty and large chunks of fresh mozzarella are also a welcome addition to the recipe.

Mess-free Recipe #5: Half-Hour Chicken Gumbo

Rotisserie chicken and roughly thirty minutes. These are pretty much all you require to get this amazing meal from stovetop to bowls down. With loads of vegetables and meat, this dish displays the glory of Louisiana to the table. Additionally, this dish has a little something for everyone to love and enjoy.

Mess-free Recipe #6: Mini Meat Loaves, Green Beans & Potatoes

Cooking this dish in two tiers gives you more space to spread all your ingredients. Moreover, it also imbues the potatoes with some of the smoky barbecue goodness from the meat.

For best results, utilize a heavy-duty, rimmed baking sheet. To avoid the inevitable post-meal scrubbing, line it with tin foil coated with cooking spray.

Mess-free Recipe #7: Chicken Fajitas in a Flash

Tired of fast food taco take out? Do you crave something different for your family’s Taco Night Friday tradition? Then this recipe is what you are looking for, senior. Substitute your go-to taco night fare with this super-fast, lightly seasoned fajita recipe that is sure to become a  staple favorite. Opting for all-corn tortillas will make this dish all the more nutritious.

Try to use cutlets for this recipe, but boneless skinless chicken breasts also do the job. Additionally, halve each chicken breast lengthwise before cooking to make two thin portions.

Now the question is: Which one will you make first?


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