Handy Apps To Guide You In Remodeling Your Home

Handy Apps To Guide You In Remodeling Your Home

When it comes to planning your daily schedule, cooking meals, or even managing your finances, you rely highly on the power of your smartphone. With the limitless evolution of technology, almost anything is possible–even in making your home improvements.

Yes, you heard it right! If one day, you decide to remodel your house, your mobile phone can help you out big time in doing the job. But not in the way that it will replace a full set of tools, of course.

Before the execution, there is the planning and designing phase, which includes brainstorming renovation ideas, calculating the number of materials needed, and looking for qualified professionals to take over the job. With the right kind of applications, these tasks can be done in no time!


To help you out, here are useful home renovation budget apps to aid you in the renovation of your house.


Go-To Apps for Generating Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re still undecided about the new look you want for your house, you can look for samples and ideas in these handy applications.

  • Pinterest. Perhaps the first app to use when you want to browse for inspiration is Pinterest. In this platform, you can exchange views and ideas with other “pinners.” You can create your private board or make it public to share with your designer or friends. Snap photos of products you come across to while shopping or browsing through magazines or pin ideas from other sites. It’s the simplest way to organize and share your thoughts!
  • HomeZada. Oversee your home’s maintenance, improvements, and upkeep through HomeZada! You can supervise projects from the beginning until the end–starting from planning, documentation and up until execution. You can take a photo and keep track of your schedule as you go. This app is free, but you need to have a HomeZada account to use it.
  • Houzz. You can find millions of quality photos for home remodeling inspiration. There are articles, forums, and products available for you to browse through. You can also look at portfolios and profiles of professionals best qualified for the job.


Handy Apps for Designing Your Space

Re-imagine your place by using your phone’s camera to play with shapes and colors in your space!

  • Adornably. This application is available to iOS only and lets you visualize your place in virtual 3D, decorated with the pieces you can select from their gallery. You can move the fixtures around and assess if they belong to the style you want before you buy.
  • TapPainter. Experiment with different colors on your walls without the hassle of actually painting them! Take photos of your house and play with shades from the wheel until you find what you’re looking for. You can also match colors from the pieces in your photo or choose from a wide range of selections offered by brands including Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Sherwin Williams. You can save, share, email, and purchase your choices using this app!
  • Home Design 3D. This app is available for both Android and iOS and allows you to entirely visualize your home improvements in 3D just like the way professionals do it!


Top Tools for the Technical Stuff

  • Handyman Calculator (Android). Available for Android users only, this home renovation app provides easy conversion calculations including arc length, fractions, density and even the most complex calculations for professionals.
  • iHandy Carpenter. This is downloadable for both iPhone and Android smartphones and offers five measuring tools: bubble level, ruler, plumb bob, surface level, and protractor.
  • Home Improvements Cals (iOS). Although this isn’t free, for $1.99, you can put in the dimensions of your place and know how much materials you need.
  • Porch. A Porch is a platform for looking for local licensed and insured professionals like plumbers, contractors, electricians, handymen, cleaners and landscapers recommended by other people.
  • iFixIt. There are tutorials on this application that can teach you how to diagnose and fix your appliances and household fixtures. If you’re in need of parts, you can buy them in their online store.


Technology can make your life easier, so why not take advantage? And yes, it works even for your home remodeling! Use these apps to help you out!

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